April 16, 2014
Advanced Training with David Zemach-Bersin Print E-mail

Primordial Potency: The Biological Imperative in Functional Integration® with David Zemach Bersin

Date and Time: February 7-9, 2014 • Friday 1-6pm, Saturday 10-4:30pm, Sunday 10-4:00pm


How can we deepen and inspire our Functional Integration lessons? How can we make our lessons more functional and effective? Throughout Moshe Feldenkrais’ writings specific ideas deeply rooted in biology, physiology and evolutionary theory appear as repeating threads and are the foundation upon which Feldenkrais developed Functional Integration and Awareness Through Movement. Most of these concepts center around the basic requirements of human life, eg.; variety in action, acture, equilibrium, mobility, support, learning, anticipation, uncertainty, safety, orientation, fear, pleasure, and conservation of energy.
These biological imperatives underlying the Feldenkrais Method are essential concepts which can enable you to begin communicating with another nervous system at a profoundly meaningful level. You will be able to increase your understanding of Awareness Through Movement, your effectiveness in Functional Integration, and be able to better communicate in the language of the nervous system.